Health Risks Associated With Animal Infestations

Critters love to live around humans because we tend to store large amounts of resources and materials nearby. While these pests are frequently difficult to look at for their appearance, they also present the possibility of impacting the well-being of the people they live near. The health hazards from an infestation of bugs or rodents primarily center around property damage, hazardous waste and remains, and the tendency to bring more pests along with them. 

Hazardous Waste

As your unwanted guests are poking about in your cabinets for a snack, they are doing the usual things that life does: namely, defecating and dying. Bacteria and scavengers will eventually clear out corpses, but the urine and feces tend to stay where they fall, even if it happens to be in your bag of flour. As common sense dictates, this is bad for your health.

Property Damage

Although leaving waste in your food is definitely property damage, this category refers more to the destruction of your home in areas away from food. Like humans, most animals want to have a secure and comfortable den to call their own. Unfortunately, this means they have a tendency to sneak into the inner workings of our homes and begin to take over the space. Termites notoriously damage wood structures, and rodents have been known to chew through electrical wires - often with the terrible side effect of leaving a rat corpse festering in the walls. These structural damages can lead directly to physical harm, especially if a cut wire provides the spark for a fire.

Known Accomplices

If you have one type of pest in your home, then it's likely that you have more. Every animal is a part of the ecosystem, which means there are other organisms who live off them in one way or another. Rats serve as a mobile meal for fleas and ticks, open the way for smaller insects into food packaging, and play home to bacteria and viruses that can find their way from rodent to man as famously demonstrated in the time of the bubonic plague.

At BROADCO Property Restoration, we want your home and property to be free of animal infestations and safe from disease and odor. Our experts will assess the situation, remove the damaged property, disinfect, deodorize, and repair the damage caused by critters. If you're looking for a trusted property restoration company to free your home of any animal infestation and to secure your home back to it's initial state, contact BROADCO today! 

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