Immediate Steps to Take After a Flood

Flooding can result from weather, ground water or a malfunction of water systems in your house. Here are some precautionary steps to take directly after your home has been flooded.

Don't compound risks - If the flooding has forced you out of your home make sure to take precautions on your return. Check to ensure there is no obvious damage such as cracks, holes, a broken foundation, or ceiling pieces before you go in. Be sure to inform your utility company of any damage to electricity, water, or gas lines if you smell gas or see sparks anywhere. Additionally, make sure all power sources are switched off.

Think of your health - Despite the fact that the water is clear in your home, it still contains harmful microbes, other contaminates, and maybe even household chemicals. Protect yourself with waist or hip-high waterproof boots. Purchase heavy duty rubber gloves for your hands and dispose of all edible items that got wet from flood waters. Boil all water before you drink it until the proper authorities announce that it is safe to drink as is.

Are you in a flood prone area - If your area has been declared as a disaster risk area by the proper authorities, you have the right to certain resources. You have the right for certain public services as well as financial assistance. Ask your insurance agent or a FEMA representative for additional information on this.

Stop mold damage - It only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to grow after a flood. Be sure to discard all wet items. Take pictures of both salvageable and non-salvageable items before discarding them to protect your interests concerning insurance coverage. Using house hold cleansers like non-ammonia detergents, pine oil, or cleansers with 10% bleach retards the growth of mold on surfaces.

Safety - It is your responsibility to do your best in securing your home. Use a tarp on damaged roofs and secure broken windows by nailing boards over them. Take all precautions necessary and make sure you know your rights after a flood.

Whether your basement has flooded, your roof has collapsed from ice, or your plumbing has failed, BROADCO can quickly mitigate the water and begin mold prevention tactics. Our 24-hour operators are ready to take your call and dispatch BROADCO's flood recovery experts to your property, which is what makes us your most trusted property restoration company.

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