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Michigan is no stranger to severe storms. High winds can cause significant damage to homes and businesses alike. These storms can also bring fallen trees, hail, and even electrical fires that can wreak havoc on your property. Unlike fire damage and water damage, we can't see the wind, but it can still bring significant destruction to properties – both commercial and residential. A lot of this damage cannot be prevented, but with professional help, it can be restored.

BROADCO wants your home and property to be free of any wind damage.

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If you are a homeowner or business owner in Macomb, Michigan, and have experienced wind damage, it's important to know about the wind damage restoration services available to you. At times like these, you can depend on the Broadco Property Restoration professionals' storm damage restoration team to quickly respond to your needs. Our wind damage professionals help with every step of the process, including inspections, insurance claims assistance, and expert repairs. Contact us now to get the help you deserve and put the pieces back together.

Wind & Storm Damage Restoration

Storm damage can range from mild to severe, and it can occur at any time of the year. Whether it's a major storm blowing through or a minor one, it's essential to understand the impact it can have on your property.

Wind can cause structural damage to parts of your building such as the roof, windows, and doors. This can damage the rest of your property or even lead to an electrical fire. Strong winds can rip off fences, cause tile walls to crack, and blow over large objects. 

No matter the extent of the damage, it's crucial to take action immediately to prevent further damage and to ensure your safety. It is important to begin the clean-up process as soon as possible. Waiting only allows problems to increase, making the cost of repairs higher. Broadco's storm damage restoration services include thorough clean-up, inspection, and water removal. Our immediate assessment prevents further damage and saves you money moving forward. If your home or business has been hit by a severe storm, contact our professional storm damage repair team right away.


Our wind damage restoration services are designed to help homeowners and business owners recover from the severe damage caused by storms. We understand the aftermath of any storm is a stressful time, and the goal of our services is to repair the damage and restore the property to its pre-storm condition. These services include removing fallen trees, repairing the roof and windows, and addressing any mold issues that may have arisen as a result of the storm.


Here's what to expect from Broadco Wind Damage Restoration:

  • Provide a priority wind damage assessment
  • Give you a detailed estimate
  • Communicate with your insurance adjuster to advocate for an insurance claim
  • Repair your wind-damaged roof quickly and professionally
  • Perform mold remediation, water removal, and odor removal, if necessary
  • Complete a post-roofing walk-through with you
  • Transparent communication throughout
  • No hidden fees

Read our customer testimonials and rest assured we will work hard to ensure your property is restored as quickly as possible.

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Broadco Property Restoration has the equipment, expertise, and experience to handle all aspects of the restoration process. We understand that time is of the essence, and we provide rapid response for wind damage and storm restoration, water damage recovery, basement flooding, fire and smoke damage restoration, odor removal, and other services. Along the way, we work closely with your insurance company and adjuster to ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to under your policy.

When catastrophe strikes, Broadco is here for you. Our team is fully licensed, insured, and IICRC certified. We hope you’ll never need our reliable wind damage restoration services, but we’ll be just one call away! We are available 24/7 to help with emergencies. Contact us now to get started with a free inspection.

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Storm Damage Restoration Process

Violent weather such as storm damage can wreak havoc on buildings as well as vegetation. Wind damage can be a hazard to the structure of a building, by loosening the shingles or tiles on the roof. This can cause moisture such as rain and snow to infiltrate into the protective surface of the roof, which will result in the wood swelling and later on disintegration and becoming moldy. Read More...

No matter how extensive or minimal your loss, we will get it done right the first time, guaranteed!


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