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Storm Damage Restoration

BROADCO offers property restoration services in various locations in Michigan, serving the diverse needs of communities and businesses. In Warren, Ann Arbor, Sterling Heights, Brighton, Troy, Fowlerville, and Oakland County, our dedicated team stands ready to provide efficient solutions for disaster recovery.

Whether you're living in the urban landscape of Warren or the academic and cultural richness of Ann Arbor, BROADCO is your reliable partner for swift and effective property restoration. Sterling Heights and Troy thrive economically and gain property value from our skilled restoration of residential and commercial properties. In the serene areas of Brighton and Fowlerville, as well as the diverse neighborhoods of Oakland County, BROADCO's services are tailored to address the unique challenges presented by fire, water, and mold damage. BROADCO will bring restoration expertise to you no matter where you are. We'll provide peace of mind and a refreshed environment for Michigan residents and businesses.

Our Areas

BROADCO is your reliable source for comprehensive property restoration services throughout Michigan. Our team quickly and effectively handles fire, water, and mold damage for disaster recovery. BROADCO is proud to extend our property restoration services to the following areas. 


  • Warren
  • Ann Arbor
  • Fowlerville
  • Oakland County

If you're in any of the above areas, we bring property restoration services tailored to Michigan's diverse needs. Count on BROADCO for prompt and professional restoration, restoring peace of mind to residents and businesses across the state.


BROADCO Specializes in the Following Property Restoration Services:

BROADCO provides comprehensive property restoration services, addressing various issues, from fire and water damage to mold remediation. Our dedicated team leverages expertise and efficient solutions to ensure disaster recovery for both residential and commercial properties. BROADCO restores properties to their original condition after disasters, giving clients peace of mind and a fresh environment.


Water Restoration Services

For swift and reliable water damage restoration, trust BROADCO. Our quick help team provides immediate support. We offer water removal and a quick drying process. We will guide you through the recovery process, from assessing the damage to fixing and restoring your property. Call us now for prompt and expert assistance if you're dealing with excess water.



Fire & Smoke Restoration Services

Experience compassionate fire recovery with BROADCO. From soot removal and smoke cleanup to odor removal, our mitigation experts assess and treat your property efficiently. Trust us to navigate the aftermath with professional cleaning services, ensuring a thorough restoration process.


Storm Restoration Services

BROADCO offers 24/7 emergency storm damage restoration in Michigan. Our certified professionals swiftly secure properties, addressing issues from fallen trees to hail damage. We provide comprehensive services for residential and commercial properties, from water damage cleanup to mold remediation. Trust us for expert storm cleanup and thorough restoration.



Odor Removal

BROADCO specializes in professional odor removal services, addressing persistent smells like cigarette smoke, animal odors, cooking scents, mold, and fire and smoke odors. Our experienced team identifies and eliminates the root cause of odors, ensuring a fresh-smelling home without resorting to replacing furniture or carpets. Unlike common household cleaning supplies that merely mask odors, our techniques tackle the source, providing a long-lasting solution.


COVID-19 Sanitization

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we've implemented a three-phase plan endorsed by the CDC and EPA to sanitize properties. We follow CDC guidelines for risk reduction while using EPA-approved disinfectants for thorough cleaning based on CDC, EPA, and OSHA guidelines. Lastly, we offer ongoing monitoring and maintenance, ensuring a safe environment. Request our services today for a comprehensive COVID-19 response.


Commercial Water Damage Services

BROADCO Property Restoration is your partner for emergency cleaning and restoration services for commercial properties, whether it's an apartment complex or a multi-level building. Our expert team handles projects of any size, isolating damage while prioritizing safety and security. With a focus on minimizing disruptions, we work to restore your commercial facility to its pre-loss condition, addressing water damage, storm damage, and more. Trust BROADCO for prompt, professional, and customer-focused commercial restoration services in Michigan.


Wind Damage Restoration Services

Michigan faces severe storms, where unseen wind damage can cause serious structural damage on residential and commercial properties. BROADCO Property Restoration provides 24-hour emergency services, addressing wind damage with immediate assessments, advocacy to your insurance company, and expert repairs. Our storm damage restoration includes removing fallen trees and roof repairs, preventing further damage to your home, and ensuring a swift recovery. Contact us for transparent communication, no hidden fees, and rapid response in affected areas.


Sewer Backup Services

Sewage backup poses significant risks to property and health, contaminating water supply and surfaces. BROADCO Property Restoration offers immediate, 24/7 emergency service for sewer backup issues. Our certified technicians handle sewage cleanup with powerful pumps, antimicrobial treatments, and thorough restoration to prevent health hazards and property damage. Trust BROADCO for prompt, professional assistance to maintain a proper working sewer line and sewer system.


Soot Removal Services

BROADCO Property Restoration offers expert soot removal after smoke or fire damage incidents. Our professionals employ advanced techniques to clean and remove soot, stains, particles, and residue, ensuring a pristine restoration of your property Using wet cleaning solutions, wet methods for stain removal, and implementing safety measures, BROADCO prioritizes safety and quality. If faced with overwhelming soot damage, trust our trained team, which has state-of-the-art equipment for a thorough and safe cleaning process.


Sump Pump Backup

A sump pump removes water from a basement or crawlspace to prevent water damage, mold, and structural issues. A sump pump backup system becomes crucial if the primary pump fails due to a power outage or other issues. BROADCO Property Restoration offers comprehensive backup sump pump services, including installation, repair, and maintenance, with 24/7 emergency response. Choose from water-powered, generator-powered, or battery backup systems for continuous and reliable operation.


We Restore All Properties Including:

Residential Storm Damage Restoration Macomb, MI

Commercial Storm Damage Restoration Macomb, MI

Industrial Storm Damage Restoration Macomb, MI




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For immediate assistance with property restoration services in Michigan, contact BROADCO Property Restoration. Our dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 to address your needs promptly. Whether you're dealing with water damage, storm restoration, fire damage, or other emergencies, our experts are ready to provide reliable and efficient solutions. Contact us at 877-910-4058 or online to restore and protect your property.


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