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As an Ann Arbor property owner, what is your plan when disaster strikes? To handle the full extent of the damage, contacting a highly trained, IICRC-certified restoration team with years of experience in many disasters is essential. BROADCO is a licensed general contractor specializing in restoring and reconstructing residential, commercial, and industrial properties following catastrophic events. With experience in various structures, including homes, businesses, churches, historical buildings, condos, apartments, and more, we ensure the most up-to-date restoration techniques certified by the IICRC. Known for our safety, responsiveness, professionalism, and efficiency, we handle insurance claims to maximize coverage utilization. Tailoring our approach to each client's needs, we prioritize swift action, understanding that time is crucial in disaster recovery. Trust BROADCO for superior service and quality workmanship in your restoration project.

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BROADCO Specializes in the Following Residential & Commercial Property Damage Restoration Services

BROADCO's comprehensive property restoration services encompass fire and water damage, as well as mold remediation. We tackle residential and commercial disaster recovery, using efficient solutions to restore properties to their original condition. With BROADCO, clients can trust in a fresh environment after experiencing a catastrophe.

Water Restoration Services

Count on BROADCO for swift water damage restoration services when facing water damage. Our rapid response team ensures immediate support, offering an expedited drying and cleaning process. Starting with an accurate damage assessment, we guide you through the recovery. Contact us for expert assistance with excess water issues.

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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Undergo compassionate fire recovery with BROADCO. Our mitigation experts specialize in soot removal, fire damage restoration, smoke cleanup, and odor removal, reliably addressing the aftermath of fires. Trust us to provide professional cleaning services and ensure a thorough restoration process for your property.

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Storm Restoration Services

Rely on BROADCO for 24/7 emergency storm damage restoration in Michigan. Our certified team secures properties and addresses fallen trees and hail damage. From water damage cleanup to mold remediation, we offer services for residential and commercial properties. Trust us to provide storm cleanup and restoration, ensuring your property is returned to its pre-storm condition.

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Odor Removal

Whether it's cigarette smoke, animal odors, cooking scents, mold, or fire and smoke odors, our team identifies and eliminates the root cause of the problem. Unlike ordinary household cleaning supplies that only temporarily mask odors, our techniques address the source, ensuring a fresh-smelling home without replacing furniture or carpets. It's time for long-lasting odor removal.

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COVID-19 Sanitation

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we've introduced a three-phase plan, endorsed by the CDC and EPA, to sanitize properties effectively. Adhering to CDC guidelines for risk reduction, we utilize EPA-approved disinfectants for thorough cleaning, following CDC, EPA, and OSHA guidelines. Additionally, we provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure a safe environment.

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Commercial Water Damage Services

Our emergency cleaning and restoration solutions can be tailored to commercial properties, ranging from apartment complexes to multi-level buildings. We manage projects of any scale, prioritizing safety and security while containing damage. While minimizing disruptions, we restore your commercial facility to its pre-loss state, addressing various issues like water and storm damage.

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Wind Damage Restoration Services

In Ann Arbor, severe storms can wreak havoc on residential and commercial properties, often resulting in unseen wind damage that compromises structural integrity. BROADCO Property Restoration offers round-the-clock emergency services while assessing structural damage, advocating for clients during the insurance claims process, and executing expert repairs. Our storm damage restoration includes tree removal and roof repairs to mitigate further harm to the affected areas.

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Sewer Backup Services

Sewage backup presents grave risks to both property and health, contaminating water supplies and surfaces. BROADCO Property Restoration provides urgent, round-the-clock emergency services for sewer backup incidents. Our staff manages sewage cleanup using robust pumps, antimicrobial treatments, and restoration techniques to mitigate health hazards and property harm.

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Soot Removal

Following a fire, ensure you opt for our soot removal services. Our state-of-the-art techniques effectively clean and eliminate soot, stains, particles, and residue, providing a thorough property restoration. Employing wet cleaning solutions and methods for stain removal, along with stringent safety protocols, BROADCO prioritizes safety and quality throughout the process.

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Sump Pump Backup

A sump pump removes water from a basement or crawlspace to prevent water damage, mold, and structural issues. If the primary sump pump fails due to a power outage, a sump pump backup system can protect your property. BROADCO Property Restoration offers backup sump pump services, including installation, repair, and maintenance, with 24/7 emergency response. Choose from water-powered, generator-powered, or battery backup systems for continuous operation.

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Contact BROADCO Property Restoration for 24/7 Emergency Services in Ann Arbor

For immediate property restoration in Ann Arbor, reach out to BROADCO Property Restoration. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to address your needs. Whether water damage, storm restoration, fire damage, or other emergencies, our experts are ready to deliver reliable solutions. Contact us at 877-910-4058 or online to restore your property.

Rapid Response Time

We know time is of the essence; that’s why our rapid response team is available 24/7 to respond to your emergency and help your home or business when you need it most.

Clear Communication

From the initial call to job completion, Broadco keeps you informed on your property’s restoration every step of the way.

Quality Workmanship

Your property deserves more than just good. We elevate restoration with unmatched expertise, high-quality workmanship, and cutting-edge technology. Expect nothing less than exceptional results with Broadco.

Industry Expertise

Licenses may be proof, but our technicians live it, conquering chaos with every clean sweep and repair. Let their relentless training, passion, and expertise for restoration rewrite your Sterling Heights story.

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Real reviews, real people. Explore our testimonials below.

The people from BROADCO arrived on time and did the water extraction quickly. They followed up every day until everything was dry. Hopefully we will never need this service again, but I would definitely use them again. They were very professional and polite. They made a bad situation much more tolerable. Sandy*
I have been blessed to be able to watch this company grow for the last 3 years as the wife of a very loyal employee... I have watched my husband grow with this company... I have heard and seen first hand the way they help families in the same way they would help their own... I am pleased and blessed every day to say that I am an extended part of the BROADCO Family... Anita*

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Broadco Restoration: Because Life Can’t Wait

Are you facing home or business damage? Don’t wait to take action—contact Broadco for rapid response emergency service available 24/7. From water and storm damage to fire and soot, we can assess any situation and provide a clear restoration plan. Get your free estimate today and experience the Broadco difference: seamless, efficient, and worry-free property restoration in Ann Arbor.

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Property Restoration in Ann Arbor FAQs

Your frequently asked questions – answered. Explore Broadco’s comprehensive property restoration FAQs, where we break down everything from our emergency response service to how to get your free estimate. If you can’t find the answer to your specific question, we encourage you to reach out to us at your earliest convenience.

What should I do if I need emergency restoration service?

If you're in need of emergency restoration service, don't hesitate to reach out. Contact Broadco anytime, day or night, and our team will promptly evaluate the situation, devise a restoration strategy, and commence work. Rest assured, we'll provide you with regular updates throughout the process, ensuring a swift return to normalcy for your property.

What will the restoration process look like?

Our team will promptly evaluate the damage, discuss the available options with you, and tailor a personalized restoration plan for your property. We'll begin by addressing the source of the damage, cleaning and restoring your belongings, handling necessary repairs, and adding the final touches. With Broadco leading the way, you can rest easy knowing we'll work tirelessly to restore your property to its original splendor.

Are your technicians certified and experienced in property restoration?

At Broadco, our restoration technicians are carefully selected not only for their certifications but also for their skills, expertise, and unwavering dedication. Continuous training keeps them updated on the latest restoration techniques, ensuring they approach your project with both proficiency and experience. Trust that your property is entrusted to genuine professionals devoted to providing outstanding restoration services.

Can I expect regular updates on the progress of my restoration?

Absolutely! We prioritize transparent communication throughout the entire restoration process. Expect frequent updates, progress reports, photo documentation, and an open line of communication. With us, you'll always be informed about the status of your restoration, allowing you to unwind and concentrate on what truly matters to you.

How can I get my free estimate?

Getting your free estimate with Broadco is quick and easy! You can either call us at (877) 450-6250 to schedule an in-person assessment and estimate or fill out our online form. No matter which method you choose, our experienced professionals will assess the damage thoroughly and provide you with a transparent, detailed estimate free of charge. Let’s get started on your restoration today!

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